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RECONCILE Peace Institute

The RECONCILE Peace Institute (RPI) runs annually and provides three months of training for South Sudanese church and community leaders from across the country.  RPI provides two tracks, one in the area of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation and the second in Community Based Trauma Healing.  Each twelve-week course consists of six modules. Each module runs for two weeks and most will be taught by adjunct faculty assisted by RECONCILE staff. The classes consist of lectures, group discussions, role plays and simulations, individual presentations, case studies and application of biblical principles.  RPI students live and study in a diverse learning environment, which provides opportunities to spend time in dialogue inside and outside the classroom with students of different genders, ethnic groups, ages, social-economic statuses and life experiences. This three month intensive experience ultimately provides space to reveal, reflect upon and address prejudice and stereotypes, while building meaningful bonds with other students.  In addition, RPI students participate in fieldwork which allows them to practice their skills in the community and learn from organizations and churches based in Yei, South Sudan.

RPI students are hard at work in the RECONCILE Library


RPI seeks to actualize the full potential of this great nation by providing a comprehensive  three (3) month training to a select group of church and community leaders engaging in trauma recovery, peace work, and/or development in South Sudan.  Our students are equipped with vitals skills necessary for facilitating trauma recovery and conflict transformation in their communities and places of influence in South Sudan and the region. Our instructors include highly trained experts from throughout the African continent, Europe and the United States of America who are committed to contextualizing their knowledge in a manner which is accessible and practical. 


The RECONCILE Peace Institute provides certificates, in cooperation with Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation in Zambia, in unforcedly “Community Based Trauma Healing” and http://novita-med.pl/?komarivske=randki-d%C4%85browa-tarnowska&2aa=cc “Peace Studies & Conflict Transformation.” 

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http://glassmusic.org/?molodoypidaras=site-de-rencontre-belgique-badoo&bd0=7b Apply Now!  The next RPI will be held from 29th January to 28th April 2014 and we want to equip more leaders with vital skills to facilitate conflict transformation and community development in their communities and nation. If you are interested in nominating a leader in your community, or applying to attend RPI yourself, we urge you to turn in a complete application as soon as possible.  If you are seeking a scholarship for RPI 2014, all applications must be submitted by 17th August 2013Download the Application in Word and scan and email the completed application to info@reconcile-int.org or shelvis@reconcile-int.org or deliver the printed application to RECONCILE Training Centre in Yei, South Sudan at 1.5 Miles Maridi Road. 

Please note:

  • Applicants should have at least an O level certificate or its equivalent.  They must also be able to understand, read, write and communicate freely in English.
  • You must fill out your application completely and provide three letters of recommendation and copies of CV/documents.